- The Group, together with its collaborators in different parts of the World, manages a series of projects, where the Investment / Financing of said Projects, are the essential basis for a fruitful development of the site where said Projects are implemented. 
Direct Management of Construction of Infrastructures in Government or Private Projects, where Big Construction Companies and Engineering, Collaborate in the performance of said Projects. 


* These projects are:

1) - Highway Construction Projects.

2) - Airport Construction Projects.

3) - Football Stadium Construction Projects.

4) - Hospital Construction Project.

5) - Building Construction Project.

6) - Commercial Center Construction Project.

7) - Dam Construction Projects and Water / Irrigation Projects.

8) - Green Energy Projects.

# Our interlocution is direct with the CEO, Presidents, or Directors of Companies / Companies / Groups, to streamline management and development if the interest is real.


# IMPFA for Brokers / Intermediaries / Mandatory



a) - Confidentiality Agreement between The Project Owner and HOLDING ACCA GROUP. (NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement).  

b) - Management to check the feasibility of the Project.  

c) - Official proposal for Investment/Financing of HOLDING ACCA GROUP.  

d) - Official Contract between the Project Owner and HOLDING ACCA GROUP, which is signed in-person in Notaría.  


For more information, your communication will be to: